Hi, we are Andrea and Paul.  We are mummy and Daddy to two rambunctious boys, Chaos 4 and Mayhem 3.  We are currently living off-grid in Central Portugal after quitting the UK in search of a more simple life, where our boys can be outside walking, playing and enjoying nature.  W

We used both have hectic teaching jobs but quit our jobs, flat and lifestyle after Mayhem, then aged 11 months had a major operation to remove a benign Teratoma.  After seeing our child go through so much, being so fearful of losing him, living on the edge, we knew that life would never be the same again.  The whole experience turned our world topsy turvy, it completely changed us and our outlook.  As a result we decided to drastically change our lives, blow the savings, as after all, what are savings for if you don’t have family, and spend as much time as possible together with our little tribe, before the boys leave us and spend most of their days at school.

This blog is a reflection of our families journey together and our passions; our need and want to be frugal, eco-living, getting back to basis, cooking, gardening, cloth nappies, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, travel and housesitting, our adventures and experiences along the way.

Please do follow our journey and we would love to hear from you if you get in touch!

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