Portuguese Garden A-Z

As previous renters of flats our family has never had a garden. Our first flat had a balcony with room for tomatoes, potatoes, chillies…even room for a bike shed which we grew pumpkins on top of.  This kind of tells you how desperate we were to start our own veggie patch…

There is so much for children to learn in an outside space, a planned activity, their own imagination or something mother nature decides to add…magic. To our delight our Portuguese housesit came with a garden, and what a garden!!  Surrounded by cork oaks and almost swallowed by the surrounding eucalyptus and pine tree forest; the garden has an orchard, ponds, lawn and terrace. A great space for us to be outside…eat, play, watch the stars and for the children to interact with the dogs, cats, fish, frogs, bees, birds, tools and play with water (soooo much water fun).

The variety of flowers and plants here is incredible, a real eye opener as to what can be grown in central Portugal. As more and more fruits and flowers came I took more and more photos. Here is a Garden A-Z and some of the phenomenal variety of plants, fruit trees, flowers and shrubs that you can grown in your Portuguese garden.



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2 thoughts on “Portuguese Garden A-Z


    (June 30, 2016 - 11:04 am)

    What a tonic from your UK habitat! Sooooo good for you all to be experiencing the natural world – especially the boys. Loving all these gorgeous photos! Xx


      (June 30, 2016 - 11:20 am)

      So very true, an amazing place to spend some quality time with the boys and the greatest place for Mayhem to recover after his tumour.

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