Figs, All about Figs and recipes too!

Five ways with Figs

Fig varieties are either classified as black or white, but they are notoriously difficult to identify the exact type as there are over 700 delicious edible varieties. Figs which are green when ripe are classified as white. e.g. the green muscatel variety is low in acid, excellent for drying, eating  straight from the tree or […]

The Ultimate Vegetarian Sausages Recipe

The Ultimate Veggie Sausages

We used to keep a few packs of the very versatile veggie sausage (Quorn or similar) in the freezer.  As they are not readily available abroad, we make our own.  This is a nutritious, tasty recipe which can be frozen and importantly withstand the heat of the BBQ without crumbling.  To use this adaptable recipe you will […]

Food & Drink – Grow & Eat Your Own Produce

Food & Drink: Tea: Before we set off we cleared the shelves of all of the boxes of Decaf Ty-phoo from our local pound land, at £1 for 80 bags this is a bargain only 1.25 pence per bag.  We are using a Bodum teapot which gives us 4 cups of tea from one tea-bag, that’s […]