First Smile after coming around from anesthetic, day after your operation, Alder Hey Hopsital, Liverpool

Two Years Since Surgery

It is only now, with the wonderful gift of hindsight that I realise that we spent a good portion of the last two years in a kind of shock and disbelief at what happened to you.  I never thought it was possible.  I never dreamed or dared to imagine that our child, our baby, could […]

Surgery One year ago today

A year ago today…Surgery

Dear Mayhem, our 22 month old gorgeous boy, I sometimes catch myself looking at you in wonder and awe.  Everything you have been through, everything you have overcome.  It has been a year now, a whole year where you have grown, improved, surpassed all of our expectations and have been well…Better than well, you’ve thrown […]

Mayhem’s 1st Birthday

He had made it.  There were times when I feared he wouldn’t.  That the tumour would consume him, squish all of his vital organs and take control.  Dr Google said that a lot of Teratomas were only discovered during post-mortems.  The symptoms they provided were mistaken for so many other problems and were never found until […]


We had been in hospital for the whole of August and into mid September, 6 weeks.  We were ready to escape. Excerpt from email to family: ‘We’ve made it, escaped, we have have left the building! Mayhem was double and triple checked by all of the lovely Doctors and they finally confirmed he was well enough to […]

Finally a diagnosis…Teratoma

We were in ICU longer than we cared.  It was only a couple of days but it felt like a lifetime. Too long living on the edge. Back on the ward Mayhem was truly magnificent… Excerpt from an email to family after leaving ICU: ‘So over the past few days since we have been back […]


The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was a scary place.  Unlike the ward, with screams, shouts, hustle and bustle , ICU was quiet. No noise from the children entombed there, just mechanical noises and the occasional chat from the omnipresent Nurses and Doctors. Mayhem looked awful. We wept to see him looking so fragile, tiny and […]


Still waiting… An excerpt from an email to family on 24 August 2015, eleven days of waiting after the biopsy: ‘So our doc is pretty sure, but it’s not confirmed, that Mayhem‘s tumour is a benign Thymoma. Yes, benign 🙂 Its really, really rare in children, even rarer in infants but all the current pathology confirms […]

Waiting for Biopsy Results…Yawn!!

The results weren’t forthcoming…in fact..they took blooming ages.  Waiting is sooooooo freaking frustrating!!!  As Mayhem only needed oxygen at night during the day we were pretty much left to our own devices.  Chaos was with hubbie in RMH so we did everything we could to try and keep it as ‘normal’ as possible for him. […]

Tumour Biopsy

Thursday 13 August was the date of Mayhem’s first operation, a biopsy of the tumour.  The operation was scheduled for 9am, first in.  I stopped breastfeeding him at 6am and he wasn’t a happy chappy.  The procedure was delayed, although you are first on the list, any emergency case that comes in takes precedence.  Of […]