Splash! Penamacaor, Castelo Branco, Central Portugal

Rain, Wellingtons, Waterproofs and Puddle Jumping

We have been waiting for rain for a long time here in Central Portugal. To say the land is in need of a good watering is an understatement. Unlike the UK where there seems to be no lack of the odd downpour, in Portugal rain is scarce and welcomed with open arms.

There were horiffic fires in Portugal over the long hot summer, the worst in Portugal’s history, which were exacerbated by the tinder dry land. The whole country seemed to take a collective sigh of relief when it rained for a couple of days at the beginning of November. Despite the fact that it hadn’t really rained for that long, or for that much, the arid landscaped began to change. The golden sun-dried hay slowly began to disappear and the first shoots of green began to pop up, everywhere. It was amazing to see how much difference such a small amount of rain made to the parched landscape.

Over the past month it has started to get much colder and we have had a few more days of rain. Still not enough, but some and the landscape has well and truly revived itself. Trees are looking plumper, the landscape greener and of course, our boys are happy to wear their wellies and waterproofs and revel in the chance to go puddle jumping!

Puddle Reflections, Penamacaor, Castelo Branco, Central PortugalPuddle Jumping is fun, Penamacaor, Castelo Branco, Central PortugalShiny Stones in the Water, Penamacaor, Castelo Branco, Central PortugalHappy Brothers, Penamacaor, Castelo Branco, Central Portugal

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Paul & Andrea ex-pats escaping the rat race with Chaos (aged 4) and Mayhem (aged 2) along for the adventure.

13 thoughts on “Rain, Wellingtons, Waterproofs and Puddle Jumping


    (December 3, 2017 - 1:28 am)

    Who doesn’t love a good puddle? Terrific shots, and as you say the rain must have been particularly welcome after the tragic summer fires.


    (December 3, 2017 - 7:33 am)

    Hi Andrea, puddles are made for jumping in and judging by your little one’s faces they love it (hope you had a go too?). it sounds a little like here, we had terrible fires this summer too, but after a little rain new life starts to emerge from the land. What I like here is that when it rains it tends to do it properly.

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    (December 3, 2017 - 8:15 am)

    funny how the black and white image makes the weather look cold and the water dirty, giving a complete different outlook than the one below. The B&W one makes me think of all the washing you’d have to do, the 2nd photo made me smile and think, it’s only a bit of water, it’ll dry in the sun.
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    John Adams

    (December 3, 2017 - 9:32 am)

    I imagine when it does rain in Portugal you get an absolute downpour, yes? I can see why your kids would have so much fun in the rain with it being so scarce.

    darren coleshill

    (December 3, 2017 - 10:05 am)

    Beautiful, I love the close up detail photos

    Thank you for linking up
    darren coleshill recently posted…#MySundayPhoto – My Friend RobinMy Profile

    karen reekie

    (December 3, 2017 - 12:54 pm)

    Puddle splashing is the best fun! #mysundayphoto
    karen reekie recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

    Kim Carberry

    (December 3, 2017 - 2:01 pm)

    Fab photos! It looks like a lot of fun is been had x
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    (December 3, 2017 - 3:27 pm)

    I LOVE this set of photos, especially the last one which is adorable! So pleased you’re getting some much needed rain. #MySundayPhoto

    Fiona Cambouropoulos

    (December 3, 2017 - 5:51 pm)

    Lovely lovely photos and a great use of easy fun time outdoors.
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Nature Tells Me Christmas Is ComingMy Profile


    (December 3, 2017 - 7:59 pm)

    There’s so much fun to be had in a good puddle! #MySundayPhoto
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    (December 3, 2017 - 9:20 pm)

    That’s a gorgeous photo of your boys and you can have all our rain too if you like 😉 it’s not let up here at all. I’m hoping for a dry day or two this week!

    Such beautiful photos, especially the closeups of the wellies and of your son’s hand. Love the reflection of your older son on the puddle water too. Weirdly enough November, and December so far, have been rather dry in Ireland.

    Martyn Kitney

    (December 9, 2017 - 9:13 pm)

    Amazing photos. Jumping in puddles is always fun! Great shots. Loved it! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s! #mysundayphoto
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