September 2, 2017

Former Town Hall, Castelo Novo, Portugal

The picturesque historic village of Castelo Novo (New Castle) is in the heart of Central Portugal, set within a natural amphitheatre enclosed by the Gardunha mountain range (Serra da Gardunha).  This incredible looking village has Baroque, Roman and Medeival influences.   The drive towards the historic village of Castelo Novo gave us a shocking taste of what was to come, the scale of fire-damaged smouldering, smoking fields, forests, gardens and even buildings, was unbelievable.  A once heavily forested area, recent fires have all but decimated the forests, burnt by raging fires 25kms wide, which came right up to the edges of the village.  
All of the villagers were evacuated and safe whilst the fires were brought under control and village is once again open for business.  Whereas many surrounding farms lost their crops and some houses were destroyed thankfully Castelo Novo was mostly untouched by the fire and it’s unique historic gems and traditional Beira style houses were saved.


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