January 29, 2017

We love to get out as a family and go for walks and hikes. Sometimes we even borrow a dog to take along with us! Mayhem walks some of the time but at two years old he finds it hard going and too distracting to walk,  so he travels in style on Daddy’s back.

Chaos,  our almost four year old is really great at walking now,  so far his longest walk is a 6km round trip. He’s also pretty great at hiking up mountains too,  apart from a little whinge or two… but his favourite thing to do us explore ruins.  As we live in countryside in Spain, the campo,  we are surrounded by olive groves,  farms,  hamlets and quite a number of old abandoned ruined buildings. Full of fascinating possibilities for an almost four year old.



7 Replies to “Exploring Ruins”

  1. It looks like you have some gorgeous naturally wild areas to go trekking, coming across a ruin to explore would be perfect for making the walk full of surprises and keeping up the interest of a little one. A lovely adventure.

  2. Wow, 6km is a long walk for little legs. Freya’s not quite as keen on walking as we are…yet. I bet she’d love to explore ruins though. Fab pics. #MySundayPhoto

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