February 11, 2017

Loja, in the Granada province of Andalucia, is our nearest big town and has a wonderful Moorish quarter.  You enter the Barrio de La Alcazaba hrough a Moorish horseshoe arch.  The neighbourhood has mostly inaccesible by car as it has tiny narrow steep streets, which were previously the home to military leaders.  At the Mirador Arqueológico de La Alcazaba you have an amazing viewpoint of the north of Loja and Monte Hacho domineering in the background.

We had packed a picnic lunch to eat at the viewpoint as it was lunchtime, not only for us, the local cats were keen to have their dinner too.  With a starter of cat biscuits and then a delicious main of chicken, helpfully snipped into cat-sized chunks.  These were indeed well looked after and spoilt pussy cats.

Old Spanish Lady feeding her cats- Señora Gato

Old Spanish Lady feeding her cats- Señora Gato


16 Replies to “Señora Gato”

  1. Love these photos. You can really tell you’re living there rather than just on holiday. Fancy having that statue outside your front door. I think I’d like it 🙂

    1. Ha ha, yes the statue is a little imposing, the señora seems to take it all in her stride and didn’t mine us being there at all. Even though we were interrupting her precious cats mealtime, she enjoyed showing off!

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