Iznajar Lake

​Valdearenas Beach is our nearest beach, 5 minutes drive from the rural village of Iznajar in the Córdorba province, Andalucia. The freshwater lake is a beautiful turquoise and acts of a reservoir for the region. The beach has a great campsite and  chiringuito and during the summer you can go swimming,  rent pedalos,  kayaks and go sailing. 

Off-season it’s a great place to make a sand park , Chaos’s idea, marvel at your footprints in the sand and marvel at the stunning view. 


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  1. Coombe Mill says:

    What a beautiful spot to enjoy. There is something about water, whatever it’s form that is so appealing.

    1. Thanks, the water and sunshine make a magical combination.

  2. That place looks so peaceful, like a hidden area

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Thanks for hosting this, we enjoy sharing a photo and looking at the other photos posted. It feels hidden and remote. Although not too far from Malaga, Granada, Seville or Cordoba as the crow flies.

  3. Alex Muir says:

    Looks like a good little spot for you – how nice to have something like this only 5 minutes away!

    1. yeah beautiful spot, the boys loved playing there. It’s 5 mins from the town of Iznajar which is worth a visit.

  4. What a beautiful spot. Looks so inviting when it is cold back in blighty

    1. Thanks, the sunshine is lovely, there was a nip in the air, but it was still OK to picnic in shorts!

  5. Tara says:

    They look tiny against that massive beach. What a treat to have it all to yourself.

    1. Thanks, Chaos set off and soon became a dot against the shore line when we got out of the car.

  6. AuroraLee says:

    Beaches in the off season are the best! This looks like a wonderful place to stop and enjoy life. I love the final image. 🙂

    1. Thanks, there was only us, a couple of dog walkers and two guys in a boat all day. The boys loved the space, the lake is unusually low at the moment.

  7. You are lucky to have that so close. I love the planting on the hills, it looks like quilting #MySundayPhoto

    1. Thanks for commenting. This was a great find at this time of year. There are miles and miles of neatly farmed olive trees in this area.

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