Campo Creatures II

There are many creatures down in the Spanish Campo.  For weeks we had noticed a cute little Spanish brown rat scattering around sneaking the odd fallen fig, munching on leftover crumbs.  He sat in the same place with his little stash, undeterred by our noisy family watching and pointing at him.  Maybe the little rat should have been more cautious and wary… Unluckily for the tree rat and but luckily for us, we witnessed the campo snake snatch the rat.


The poor little brown rat could do nothing as the snake squeezed him to submission.  Ouch, poor ratty!


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  1. Oh my word, what a thing to see. Nature doing it’s thing

    Thank you for linking up

    1. The wonders of nature. Thanks for hosting my sunday photo.

  2. Tara says:

    What a capture! You should send it to a wildlife mag.

    1. Thanks, didn’t want to get too close though 🙂

  3. What an amazing moment to capture! Nature at its best!

  4. Thanks for commenting, I heard the strike of the snake, otherwise I would have no idea that both of them were there at that moment.

  5. Coombe Mill says:

    Eek, nature is so cruel

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