Chaos The Threenager & Mayhem The Velcro Kid

Having a family is hard work.  Having kids is the ultimate self-sacrifice.  You give, they take.  It’s sometimes such very hard work but always, always worth it.  The tantrums, the crying, the whining (OMG the whining) is sometimes enough to send your brain into meltdown but…it doesn’t last long (keep telling yourself this) and when they give you a kiss and tell you they love you, all is forgotten.

Chaos (3y 5mo) is a typical Threenager, full of energy, he bounces out of bed at 5.45am (OMFG Yawn!!) singing (mainly to the theme of Jingle Bells…all…year…round!), talking and dancing the morning away, luckily I can poke hubbie and up he reluctantly gets up. Chaos’ energy levels are astounding!  To call him a Pocket Rocket wouldn’t cut it, he’s a Pocket Supernova!  Spark his interest in something and he’s hooked, inventing his own elaborate games, schemes and worlds.  A pack of 5 dice become a tug boat, an army boat with soldiers attempting a rescue, a tower for firemen to climb to put out the gigantic fire and a barrier, there are always barriers!  He’s looking so much older now, a proper boy, I look at him now and can imagine what he will look like when he’s a teenager.  The difference from his 3rd birthday in February, until now is crazy!

Mayhem (1y 9mo) is so very different to his brother.  He has already well established his terrible-twos-tantrums, if something doesn’t go his way, you will know about it.  He’s just getting over his phase (we hope) of head butting you if he likes you, thinking this is terribly funny.  He laughs, and laughs a lot, a great sense of humour which is unique and all his own.  He loves to be carried and shown things, so very, very inquisitive, if you try and put him down…woe betide, he clings onto you like a cheap souvenir koala bear toy and believe me, you will feel and hear his wrath if you try to shake him off!  Hanging out washing one handed whilst he clings onto you is quite an art…but you get used to it.  He loves kisses and presents his head for you to kiss, going from person, to person until he has a kiss from everyone, then starts again.  He calls his brother Daddy and Daddy, Daddy, which can get somewhat confusing but is adorably cute.  His favourite thing at the moment is to put food into water bottles, drink and pour the water (everywhere) and then eat the soggy food.  Yum!

I sometimes marvel at the differences of the two boys.  The same genes but what a mixture.  The same curls but one blonde, one brown haired.  The same lips but such different characters.  What a joy it is to have children so that we can see them develop and grow.  I am still amazed everyday that my husband and I have created two beautiful and unique little people.

Getting up to mischief

It is nearly a year now since Mayhem had a big operation to remove a benign tumour that was killing him.  He struggled to breathe, his heart was working twice as much as it should have and he came so very close to dying…too close.  It turned our world topsy turvy, thank goodness he survived and had the medical help he needed.  So when Mayhem asks for the umpteenth time to be picked up and I feel like he’s never going to ween, feeds all night, when  Chaos talks non-stop about his lego adventures and throws a typical threenager tantrum cause his feet are wet too wet, as he went in the swimming pool (!!?) and my head is about to explode as I just want to go to the toilet and have a wee and a shower by myself…!!  I pick him up Mayhem the Velcro kid, cuddle Chaos the threenager, smile, kiss their precious little heads and count my blessings…How amazing it is to be a parent, how lucky we are to have a family!


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36 Replies to “Chaos The Threenager & Mayhem The Velcro Kid”

  • Ah this is gorgeous. You must have been through so much, I can’t even imagine. I’ve got a Velcro baby too but I am also operating on the basis that I will miss it when he stops napping on me, I will feel sad when he’s old enough to not notice that I’ve left the room to wash up, etc. You have a beautiful family and I adore your photos! Your view is amazing. The boys both sound like fantastic characters 😃 #bigpinklink

  • I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through, your take on it all is inspiring. I also have two kids who a polar opposites in every way and I love it. They are both such strong characters.

    • Thanks Alana, like any parent we just get on with things. When something bad happens we try to do the best for our kids and embrace change. What fun we can have watching our kids grow and develop and hopefully, despite their strong characters, get along with each other…one day!!

  • Such sweet kids. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them. My son is a little older than Mayhem and I’ve noticed some of the same things. Except mine also has the singing habit, only he sings to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. My husband and I are hoping to have another one soon, and I can wait to see how he or she turns out.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Twinkle twinkle is at least a little acceptable all year round! Aren’t kids a source of continual amazement and amusement. Good luck with your 2nd!

  • Gorgeous kids – love that hair on Chaos. What a scary time with Mayhem, that can really change the way you view the world and cherish the little moments as well. It has reminded me to let my little one stick to me, just for a little while more because soon, he will be all grown up. It amazes me that all my children are so different too, but that’s why there’s never a dull parenting moment around here. And sounds like it’s pretty fun and busy and filled with love at yours too. #bigpinklink

    • Thanks for your comment, really great to hear from you. Here’s to embracing our velcro kids for that little bit longer, no matter how exhausted we are kids are pretty darn wonderful x

  • This is lovely, I have two boys, one almost 5 and the other 18 months. It’s totally amazing that like you ours are completely different, such opposite personalities but wonderful all the same. My almost 5 year old is definitely a teenager already, slamming doors. The 18 month old is a biter! What a time for you to have been through with Mayhem, I’m so glad to hear all is well now. #BloggerClubUk

    • Thank you for your comment and thanks for the follow. I was just commenting on your post. Mayhem was a biter and 18 months then moved onto the headbutting! Looks like we have the slamming doors to look forward to 🙂

  • Beautiful children! It’s so funny how the same genes go into your kids yet they come out so completely different. Mine are the same way.

  • Such a heartfelt and beautiful post. No-one knows our kids as well as us do they?! Then I got to the last paragraph and it made me cry. What an incredibly scary thing to go through and you are spot on. Life changing illness certainly gets our priorities right doesn’t it! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  • This is so beautiful – your family have been through so much, and it must make you feel very lucky. Lovely discovering your blog and I absolutely love your names for the kids – it made me smile 🙂 We have a similar toddler to Mayhem and it is non stop! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam hope you come back next time xx

  • What gorgeous boys! They sound like a wonderful handful 🙂 These years are probably some of the most exhausting, but also some of the most amazing to watch their little charachters and personalities grow in front of our eyes. I can only imagine almost losing a child makes you appreciate how amazing this time is. Lovely post, thank you for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  • Wow, what a post. Welling up here. So heartfelt. What a lot you have been through as a family but I can see it has made you even more grateful to have your gorgeous boys. Lovely photos too!! #picnmix

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