Waiting…and Lancashire Life

Whalley Viaduct, Lancashire, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Waiting, waiting and more waiting!! Completing paperwork in order to emigrate is pretty full on but the most frustrating part of applying to move to another country with strict immigration laws is the waiting. It is completely out of your control and quite frankly, it sucks. Despite the reams of paperwork that we have already completed there is still plenty more to do. Yet we are stuck, in limbo. Until the officials and people-that-be stamp the first set of documents, we are unable to move onto the next set. Then the next and the next… As frustrating as it is we know that life must go on. With two very, full of energy and life boys, we have no other option but to get out and enjoy trying to entertain them; even in the lovely torrential rain and awful weather that Lancashire seems to be throwing at us of late!

We have tried to spend our time exploring the delights of Lancashire. So we have been on an amazing treasure hunt in our local village of Whalley. Paid a few visits to the seaside (one more than planned after having to go back to Morecambe a second time after losing and then luckily, someone finding and handing in our wallet). Been to museums that have educated the boys and us all about Lancashire’s history. Been on lots of walks out enjoying the local moors and countryside and visited various pubs, parks and restaurants. But off course the highlight, has been spending quality time with family and friends.

Take the Plunge, Morecambe, Lancashire, Topsy Turvy TribeMorecambe Seafront, Lancashire, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Whalley Abbey, Lancashire, Topsy Turvy TribeLancastrian Treasure Hunters, Topsy Turvy Tribe

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