Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Our first Christmas in New Zealand. We decided to go all out and visit our local Christmas tree farm up in the Kaimai Ranges and pick our very own kiwi Christmas tree!

The weather was against us but even the torrential rains could not dampen our spirits and we got to choose from a field of three year old trees. The farm replaces any pines cut down and replant new trees, which again are ready for Christmas in a couple of years. They even take your old tree back after Christmas to re-mulch the ground.

We added a few op shop second hand ornaments and lights and voila, all ready for our first Christmas here in New Zealand!  Merry Christmas for 2018, we hope you all have a fantastic festive season!

Merry Christmas 2018, Topsy Turvy Tribe

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