Festa da Divina Santa Cruz, Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto Medieval Rock Band, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Central Portugal has a staggering amount of festas. We almost visit a different festa every weekend. The Portuguese community really do know how to host a good festa, particularly a medieval themed event. We have been to Medelim, Idanha-a-Velha and seen some amazing reinactments but Monsanto’s Festa da Divina Santa Cruz has to be the best yet.

Monsanto is a pretty spectacular village, built on a magical hillside, errupting almost volcano-esque from the surrounding flat farmlands. A series of grantie boulders, a hilltop village, castle and the most Portuguese of villages.

The Festa da Divina Santa Cruz is a jam-packed weekend festa which culminates in a procession to the hilltop castle. a symbolic flowerpot is thrown from the castle’s tower, which legend has it symbolises a bull, which was thrown from the tower during a Roman siege. The Romans were so disturbed by the villagers obvious abundance of supplies, even after a terrible siege when the village and castle was compltely isolated and without supplies, that they immediately packed up and left.

The festa today is full of fascinating characters, amazing animals, astounding musicians and the most beautiful of panoramic views.

 Blacksmithing at Monsanto Festa, Topsy Turvy TribeTopsy Turvy Tribe, Monsanto Festa da Santa CruzSnake Charmer, Monsanto, Topsy Turvy TribeMedieval Barn Owl, Monsanto, Topsy Turvy TribeHawking at Monsanto Festa, Topsy Turvy Tribe
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