Portuguese Quinta Life at Winter’s End

Making Music Outside, Penamacor, Central Portugal

As Winter comes to and end the Quinta starts coming back to life. The veggie patch somehow seems to be surviving the still frequent nightly frosts and providing an abundance of deliciously fresh vegetables. Even the hens are still laying eggs, even though their water trough is frozen solid in the morning! The boys have decided that the chickens favourite food is flowers, so insist on picking the field dry whenever it is their turn to feed the hungry hens.

The last Quinta pigs have been dispatched and replaced by a newer, noisier and more sprightlier model. This little piggy enjoys eating dried corn, a perfect opportunity to throw maize all around the pig sty, oh and try out a bit of parkour at the same time!  The boys are enjoying the warmer afternoons, insisting on stripping off their layers and basking in the sunshine. Taking every opportunity to enjoy life outside.

Please do pop back Sunday afternoon to see our latest post all about the reality of living off-grid in a caravan through winter!

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