Rainy Days and Downpours in Central Portugal

Rainbow over the Caravan and Old Barn, Penamacor, Portugal, Topsy Turvy Tribe
Rainy Days and Downpours in Central Portugal

Portugal needed rain. The summer was intensely hot, so hot that there were numerous forest fires and tragic losses of life as the fires spread uncontrollably. Central Portugal had the worst of the fires and needed the rain, desperately. The rains have arrived and oh boy, they have arrived in style.

Torrential downpours have brought a year’s worth of rains within a few days and created new rivers where previously there was none. Ponds have been filled up and rivers have burst their banks. The land is now awash with water and rainy days have become the new norm.

There is the odd break from the rain, when the clouds clear and it seems as though the sun will shine forever. It doesn’t last too long though and the rain soon returns. The boys have been enjoying exploring their new underwater landscape and of course splashing in the puddles, which are absolutely everywhere. Oh and spotting the odd rainbow or two!

Mayhem Loving the Puddles, Penamacor, Portugal, Topsy Turvy Tribe The New Pond, Penamacor, Portugal, Topsy Turvy TribeA Break in the Rain, Penamacor, Portugal, Topsy Turvy TribeDouble Rainbow Over the Caravan, Penamacor, Portugal, Topsy Turvy Tribe

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