Rock Climbing, Aldeia de João Pires, Portugal

Topsy Turvy Tribe, Aldeia do Joao Pires, Portugal

We are fortunate enough to live in the picturesque village of Aldeia de João Pires. Our small village takes you on a journey back in time; Granite houses, cobbled streets, peace, quiet and tranquillity.

The area that surrounds the village has some very interesting features and granite rock formations, some of which are included within the local natural Geopark, Geopark Naturtejo.

Today we decided to explore some of the mammoth rock formations, which lie on the horizon line, just a stone’s throw from our home. The boys, initially reluctant, absolutely loved to explore, smell the wild lavender, spy the wild deer who we spooked and scared away, and of course enjoy the spectacular views of the village.  Only achievable after we had climbed quite a few epic rocks to reach a spectacular, panoramic viewpoint…amazing!

A family walk,, Portugal

Picking Wild Lavender,

Mayhem Rock Climbing,,Portugal
Aldeia do Joao Pires , Penamacor, Portugal
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