Cafe Royalty Cadiz

Cafe Roaylty Cadiz, Andalucia Spain

In 1912 Café Royalty in Cadiz, Spain, was the place to be if you were ‘a somebody’. Politicians, writers, poets, artists and thinkers would enjoy the service, craftsmanship, artwork and live music.  The café closed it’s doors in the 1930’s and the premises fell into disrepair. Incredibly, one hundred years after the initial opening a team of experts painstakingly recreated original techniques of that time to restore the café’s decor and materials back to its initial glory and grandeur.  

It is probably Spain’s only historically preserved grand romantic café.  An amazing example of historic restoration and a beautiful and opulent space.  Possibly not the ideal place to take two boisterous children, but we all enjoyed a moment of decadence as our very expensive coffees were wheeled out on a trolley accompanied by a plate of home made biscuits, yum!

Cafe Royalty, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Waiting, Cafe Royalty, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Smilers, Cafe Royalty, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Mirror, Cafe Royalty, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

Till, Cafe Royalty, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain

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