Creatures Great and Small

Butterfly, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

It is always so delightful to be out and about with the family and encounter amazing creatures.  An opportunity for Chaos and Mayhem to marvel at the wonder of nature close up; a great way to appreciate the incredible variety of animals, observe animal behaviour and learn not to be fearful of animals but to treat them them with care and respect.

So far we have discovered a bizarre chewing gum like nest and seen over 20 baby preying mantis’ hatch, a mummy bird’s nest, first with eggs and then with baby birds that our cat managed to rather quickly dispose of (nature’s harshest lessons learnt), an Andalucian Funnel Web Spider (very scary tarantula like spider), multiple birds of prey to name a few and some fantastic animals that we actually managed to photograph better than others!  It makes our hearts soar to see our boys so inquisitive and full of wonder, marvelling at nature and the extensive variety of creatures great and small.

Large Birds Nest on the Church, Salvaterra Do Extremo, Portugal

Horse picnic on the edge of the lake, Idhana a Nova, Castello Branco, Portugal

Butterfly, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Caballeros on Horseback, St.Juan Fiesta, Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Si the Burmese Cat sat on a Palm Tree, Andalucia, Spain

If you know what the species of butterfly or the names of stork-like birds are, we would love to know!

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