Dia de la Cruz Fiesta Granada

Altar, Dia de la Cruz Granada

The day of the Cross (Dia de la Cruz) is celebrated on May the 3rd throughout Spain.  We visited Granada to attend this hugely popular festival which attracts many visitors from all over Andalucia and Spain.  The  Granda the roots of the festival originate in the San Lazaro district, where a plaster cross was installed in 1625 and all the locals celebrated by singing and dancing.  Children helped to build small altars with a cross and use pottery, copper, scarves and flowers to decorate them.

This happy time of the year brings optimism with crosses, plazas and people decorated in bright red carnations.  The city is filled with people and the locals of Granada attend in their masses, wearing typical Andalucian costume, some even arrive on horseback.  There are numerous plazas around the city to see the crosses and displays, each competing for the prestigious best display award.  The atmosphere is incredibly friendly, the restaurants and bars all buzzing and it’s a great opportunity to witness soul stirring Flamenco performances.

Altar Dia de la Cruz

Horses Dia de la Cruz

Horse Dia de la Cruz

Flamenco, Dia de la Cruz Granada

Altar, Dia de la Cruz



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