Fruit picking in Southern Spain

Abundant Avocados

After the festivities of Christmas and the New year’s celebrations it was time head back to Portugal. Before we left we made time to gather some fantastic fruit. Southern Spain offers the best climate in Europe and the sunshine helps to produce an abundance of oranges, lemons and avocados at this time of the year.

Chaos preferred to view the garden from the comfort of the house but Mayhem was willing to head into the campo daily at Grandma and Grandad’s to pick whatever was available. The oranges were sweet and made the most delicious juice. The giant lemons smelt amazing, when you scratched their thick skin they oozed a zesty perfume; they tasted even better than they looked. Oh and the biggest treat of all, the amazing avocados, marmite to some, you either love them or hate them, these avos, fresh from the Spanish campo are amazing, the best you have ever tasted. Hard as a rock when picked but within a week or two they will soon be ready to eat, so soft creamy and delicious. What as treat. Thank you mother nature!

Orange picking, Torrox Campo, Andalucia, SpainAmazing lemon tree, Torrox Campo, Andalucia, SpainLemon picking, Torrox campo, Andalucia, SpainAvacado grabbing, Torrox campo, Andalucia, Spain


Oranges from the Campo, Torrox, Andalucia, Spain

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