Las Fuentes Viejas

Las Fuentes Viejas, Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Spain

In 1940 extremely heavy rain caused a landslide which devastated the town of Fuentes de Cesna, many were killed, the town re-built but then a second landslide in 1963 led to the planning of a nearby safer location for the town, where Fuentes de Cesna stands today.

The old town now known as ‘Las Fuentes Viejas’ lies abandoned, left as a place of remembrance. Youngsters who survived the landslides return now as elders to collect fresh water from fonts and to remember the people and town they were pushed away from.  Nature has now claimed what remains.  Huge overgrown fig trees and aloes grow wild without restraint, making it an eerie, yet magical area to visit.


View from Las Fuentes Viejas Andalucia

Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Andalucia


Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Andalucia

Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Andalucia

Fuentes de Cesna, Granada, Andalucia

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