Marbella Old Town

Marbella Old Town Clock Tower, Andalcuia, Spain
Marbella is well known as an expensive resort on the Costa del Sol, cool bars, clubs, shops, boutiques, palatial homes, supercars and fine dining restaurants together with beautiful beaches and year round sunshine.  A town where you can party hard and blow your holiday money having a great time.  However, those in the know escape all of the glamour and any references to T.O.W.I.E and head straight for the old town of Marbella, the Casco Antiguo.
The old town is a surprising contrast between the ‘Marbs’ that the newspapers like to glorify and the simplistic and beautiful traditional whitewashed Spanish town.  The wealth and money that flocks to this area has kept the area in beautiful, pristine condition and you can marvel at the very white buildings, clean streets and plentiful vibrant flowers. There is an abundance of shops and cafes dotted amongst the narrow streets and passageways, the centrepiece of which is the beautiful Plaza de Naranjos.  Lovely fountains, historic buildings and a fascinating history to explore and discover.

Admiring the Flowers, Marbella Old Town, Andalucia, Spain

Colourful Street in Marbella Old Town, Andalucia, Spain

Exploring Marbella Old Town, Andalucia, Spain

Narrow Colourful Streets in Marbella Old Town Andalucia, Spain

Narrow Shopping Streets of Marbella Old Town, Andalucia, Spain

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