Poppies and Dandelions

Andalucia in Spring is a spectacular place full of life, colour and beauty. If you have holidayed in Spain during summer you can be forgiven for thinking that Spain is a dry, arid land with only a smattering of greenery. In the summer months the heat scorches the land and the foreboding temperatures drain colour from the landscape. Before the sun and steadily rising temperatures have a chance to do their damage, in Springtime the landscape blooms and everywhere you look you are surrounded by plentiful crops, beautiful wild flowers and stunning scenery.

Chaos and Mayhem couldn’t resist wading into the sea of scarlet poppies. A beautiful flower, found in the most humble of places and long associated as a symbol of remembrance. So wonderful to see the wild bright poppies in the green wheat fields against a clear blue sky. Another irresistible gift from nature is the large spherical dandelion seed heads that are also popping up all over. The boys loved the idea of using them to tell the time (old school) then watching as the ‘parachutes’ float away.

Poppy field, Andalucia, Spain

Poppy field, Andalucia, Spain

Let me have it! Poppy, Andalucia, Spain

Dandelion Time Clock, Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Dandelion Time Clocks, Granada, Andalucia, Spain www.topsyturvytribe.com

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