Rugs of the Alpujarras

Traditional Jarapas, Coarsley Woven Rag Rugs in Pampaneira, Alpujarras, Andalucia, Spain

The mountain villages of the Alpujarras in Andalucia, are home to workers skilled in a number of artisan crafts, producing traditional local mountain products such as olive mats, leather goods, ceramics and jewellery.  Thanks to tourism  these artisan products are now back in demand, providing a vital income for this remote area of Spain. One of the most popular rustic crafts is the Jarapa, a coarsely woven ‘rag rug’ sold in villages all over the Alpujarras.

At the heart of the Alpuarras, in the stunning Poqueira gorge, there are three fantastic whitewash villages; Pampaneira, Bubion and Capileira.  All three villages are brought to life by a rainbow of coloured rugs.  Pampaneira still has three traditional working looms and Capileira has one. These hardy rugs start from as little as 5 EUR.  Andrea, loved the rugs, reminiscent of the rag rugs of Lancashire, that she remembers so fondly.  A perfect birthday present to combine her Lancastrian roots, love of colour and our current Spanish family adventures.

Chaos Jumping on the Jarapas (Rag Rugs) in Pampaneira, Alpujarras, Andalucia, Spain


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