Sizzling Seville

Flamenco Seville, Topsy Turvy Tribe

Sizzling Seville is such an amazing city. Although we have driven past, many times we have always carried on past, during our long road trip between Spain and Portugal. We decided to stop during the recent heatwave, which probably wasn’t the wisest decision given that Seville is one of Spain’s hottest cities during summer. Even though the heat somewhat slowed down our exploring, it could not dampen our feelings for the magnificent city of Seville.

It was fantastic to slowly wander through the meandering streets of Seville. We were lucky enough to happen upon some of the city’s famous Flamenco; such a passionate display! Tilt your head back and admire the Gothic architecture of this amazing city,  Andalucía’s capital. So much culture including the World Heritage Alcazar palace, which is a stunning symbol of when Seville was the Moorish capital. Oh boy, does this place have the wow factor! The boys loved exploring this real-life fortress and went headlong tearing around the gardens and palace in search of the King’s treasure! We didn’t have long in Seville but the city has certainly captured our imagination and hearts and we will definitely be back to explore more!



Goldfish Alcazar Seville, Topsy Turvy TribeMoorish Door, Seville, Topsy Turvy Tribe Moorish Bench, Seville. Topsy Turvy Tribe


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