Four Countries in Four Days

Sunflowers on a French Road Trip, Topsy Turvy Tribe

We have arrived. Finally. After an epic road trip we have finally arrived back in the UK. Just in time to watch and celebrate England’s success in the World Cup! We left Central Portugal on Wednesday night, with the goal of reaching Dieppe Port on Friday night to catch a ferry across to Newhaven at midnight. We decided to drive the route trying not to use toll roads, enjoy the drive and take in some beautiful scenery and villages in Spain and France.

The road trip was epic. We drove, ate lots of snacks, played countless sessions of eye spy, told stories, napped and almost lost the plot several times. Coping with a long distance road trip with two small children is certainly and art form and let’s not even mention when the sat nav takes the very, very, scenic routes down dirt tracks and farmers fields…aaarrggh…thank goodness we finally made it all in one piece!

We made the effort to stop regularly, but really wanted to drive as much as possible in the first days and arrive early in Dieppe so we could spend the day there and relax before the ferry. Our car window often presented us with views of beautiful countryside, picturesque villages and of course the omnipresent road itself. We did manage to capture a few snaps and had a lovely day in Dieppe exploring and watching France’s World Cup success. More to follow on the blog soon. In the meantime here is a couple of photos of the highlights of the rural villages in France, the beautiful fields full of sunflowers.

Sunflowers in Rural France, Topsy Turvy Tribe

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11 Replies to “Four Countries in Four Days”

  • Now THAT is a road trip. Haven’t seen sunflowers like that since I travelled through Hungary many years ago. Whatever you’re back in the UK for, hope it goes well and look forward to seeing your pics n the future.

  • I would have been out of the car and in that field like a shot! Hehe. It sounds like you deserve a well earned rest now. We’re hoping to go from Norfolk to Wales in the summer and I’m REALLY not looking forward to that car journey so you have my full admiration. #MySundayPhoto
    Tara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – July 8th, 2018.My Profile

  • Well done on your road trip, I must I quite like challenges like this and 4 days is very doable on the distance, what lovely sights you must have taken in. The weather here must feel like you are still in Portugal!

  • Hi Andrea, sunflowers are my favourite flowers, so to see a field full of them would have made my day. I would have been hot on the heels of Tara!.. Long distance driving with little ones maybe taxing, but the memories they will have will hopefully stay with them. When me and my sister were quite young our family, with some friends drove to Greece in a converted minibus, it took four days and I still have vague memories of that and of the bus journey back home just before Christmas, when there was loads of snow around.

    Have a fantastic break in the UK and don’t forget where your heart lies!

    Debbie recently posted…Busy BeesMy Profile

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